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IS Series

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IS Series - Single Roll High Performance Ironers for medium to large on premise laundries demanding high quality linen service.

The IS series ironers are ideal for medium to large size laundries resort hospitality, health care and commercial laundries. This line of ironers produce high quality linen finishers easily and efficiently. It has high evaporation power and saves energy. The frame is built with high quality carbon steel primed and painted for long life. The cylinder is chrome plated and supported by heavy duty lubricated bearings. A large efficient fan pulls evaporated moisture away from the cylinder. Nomex ironing belts that prevent absorption of moisture while ironing extrends the life of all feed compartments. The compact design occupies very little space as the finished linen can be discharged to the front or in the back to a folder. These ironers are the most affordable ironers in terms of capital investment, operating expense, maintenance and floor space requirement. Discover the difference and the elegant and simple features of this ironer line.