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Towel folders


Image STF Towel folder and stacker for folding and a great variety of towels.
The first and second length fold of Image STF are executed by belt reverse fold and after the two lengthfold, one cross fold made combined with stacking.
With the above combination we can make one or two length folds with one crossfold and stacking. One, two or three stacks are available in the Image STF.
The different towels can be sorted automatically to two or three diffferent stackers. The standard Image STF has a return to operate conveyor.
PLC-system and control panel display are self programmable to set for each towel the correct program.


Image MTF Towel Folder
Automatic folding, sorting and stacking for large variety of mixed articles.
The machine folds and sorts the mixed articles automatically by size and stacks them one one of the three available stackers.
The operator feeds the towels onto a special stop conveyor. Once a towel in placed on the stop conveyor the folding cycle will start automatically after an adjustable time. Towels are sorted and stacked onto three positions.
When these stacks have reached a pre-programmed number or articles the stack is discharged onto a centralised collecting conveyor which delivers the stack back to the operator.
Length folding is by two moveable folding blades and the cross folding is executed by belt reverse fold with knife fold, with the combination french folding along the length of the articles can be accomplished with either one or two cross folds of a french cross fold.
A standard machine is equipped with a PLC system with up to 100 separate folding programmes. Individual fold parameters can be set each size of towel processed.


Economic towelfolder. Primary fold with airblast. First and second crossfold are made with airblast in combination with reversing belts.


Quality towelfolder. Primary fold with servo controlled blades. First and second crossfold are made with airblast in combination with reversing belts.